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Welcome to my site!

I'm an artist! Largely create digital illustrations, though I've dabbled in clay, paper maché, acrylics, watercolor, graphite, and collage! Wanting to try out 3d modeling/rigging/texturing/etc, and maybe play around more with game-making with game-making-engines (like RPGMaker, Adventure Game Studio, Renpy, and such.)


I also love videogames! I enjoy a wide variety of genres, though I have a particular fondness for monster-collecting games, and a particular un-fondness for many platformers (though there's still a fair amount i do enjoy!) I'm also very partial to single-player games, though playing games with friends is truly a joy unto itself.

Check out the sitemap! There's more pages to be viewed than the sidebar directly links to!

This site is my entrance into learning HTML and CSS (maybe even javascript down the line?) so apologies for the unoptimization!

Best viewed on desktop, but mobile largely works too!

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