Commissions - OPEN!

Terms of Service

A commission sheet showing base prices and some examples of my art.

Check out my kofi page or the Artwork page for examples!

Will Draw:

  • Furries
  • Regular Animals
  • Irregular Animals
  • Humans and Humanoids
  • Robots
  • Objects / Object Heads
  • Selfshipping / OC x Canon / etc.

$10 - Flat Icons

1500px by 1500px headshot icon (originally drawn at 200px by 200px, can be requested sent at that size)

$15 - Tuxpaint Headshots New!

608px by 472px Tuxpaint Character headshots with abstract/very simple scene background.

$20+ - Flat Fullbodies

Approx. 1500px by 2000px Flat (unshaded) Fullbody (Size subject to change based on character)

Transparent background with white outline default unless a simple or patterned background is specified (Can send both)


+$15 - Add Pet/Pokemon/Small Digimon Character

+$20 - Add Another Human/Humanoid/Anthro Character

Terms of Service

By commissioning me for custom artwork, you are agreeing to the terms of service outlined below.


  • I have every right to decline a commission at my discretion.


  • I reserve the right to post the commissioned work on my social media unless requested otherwise, and to use to advertise my commissions unless requested otherwise.
  • You must credit and link back to me/tag me when sharing or using the commissioned work.
    • The final product is strictly for your personal use only.
  • Edits and Usages allowed:
    • Print the artwork for personal usage.
    • Cropping, resizing, or adding edits over the artwork
  • Edits and Usages NOT allowed:
    • Use the commissioned piece in any technology related to NFTs, cryptocurrency, or AI.
    • Use the artwork for commercial purposes.
    • Editing the artwork to remove my signature*

*If I am credited for the art immediately elsewhere otherwise, it's fine.


  • A commission CANNOT be canceled and refunded by the client after the sketch is approved, all payments are final at that point.
  • A commission CAN be cancelled and refunded 80% of the total price BEFORE the sketch is finalized.
  • If I need to cancel a commission from my end, I can give a partial refund depending on how much progress was done on the commission.
    • (EX. If a shaded fullbody was only completed up to the flat colors, it would be 75% completed, and I would refund 25% of the price.)


  • Revisions that are my mistake are free (EX. Forgot the character's glasses, wrong markings, etc.)
  • It is up to my discretion as to what constitutes minor and major revisions.
  • Three major revisions and multiple minor revisions are allowed in the sketch phase.
  • A limited amount of minor revisions are allowed in the post-sketch phase.
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