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Device - Digital Monster Ver.20th Version D - Clear Purple and Yellow

May 2024

grave grave

Both Leomon and Ogremon died again, and so did the battery to the digivice. I don't have any replacements currently, nor will I probably get any for a while, so here's to a hiatus :]

?????? - Apr. 19th, 2024

poyomon tokomon patamon ogremon yuramon tane piyomon leomon grave grave poyomon tokomon patamon ogremon yuramon tane piyomon leomon

I forgot to update again X| so that Piyomon grey up into Leomon, managed to get a Ogremon afterwards, kept them alive for like 19 days, and then they both died one day after another. Hatched two new eggs after a bit of a break, forgot what digimon I hatched before, so I hatched another poyomon and yuramon duo, and got Leomon and Ogremon again. I belive it is too late to evolve them now, so I'mma have a rerun of what I just did.



Unfortunately, time flies fast and I didnt realize that Piyomon and Pinochimon were starving, and Pinochimon passed away :(

Oh, the tanemon egg I hatched yesterday became piyomon. I'll hatch a new one later tonight

Mar 4th, 2024


Unfortunately, HiAndromon died last night on day 24(!) at the ripe ol' time of 4am, as I forgot HiAndromon goes to sleep later than Pinochimon does, and had put them to sleep at the earliest time in Pinochimon's schedule, causing HiAndromon to wake up, get cranky, and die 10 minutes later as it did not have a blanket for bed, and it was far too much to deal with, waking me up and forcing me to shove the damn device underneath my pillow as the death song is loud and highly obnoxious. Really, is there a way to skip that??

Starting a new egg this morning randomly, as frankly I dont care whose next lmao. Still glad Pinochimon is alive, hitting day 25.

Feb 16th, 2024


:^] been working on college app stuff i forgor to update this again

I DID GET ULTIMATES AGAIN THOUGH!! They just evolved into Pinochimon and HiAndromon!!!

Was going for double-fail-evolutions but Kune decided to evolve into Shellmon instead >:/. Still pretty happy with this though!!! First time getting Pinochimon and I think?? First time getting HiAndromon.

Feb 6th, 2023


Devimon died, though I managed to catch Angemon in time. Starvation, probably, cause I took a nap and had supper without checking on them.

Feb 2nd, 2024


I started up Agu and Gabu egg some amount of days ago. Forgot to update here when I did whoops. Working on a clay Agumon figure for myself when both Gabu and Agu evolved into Angemon and Devimon!

Late night battery seems to have died :( gotta find my last battery again

Jan 27th, 2024


They both died in Walmart :[ and frankly, in that trip, I feel I ddi too. Two hours and over 600$ and we still forgot some things 😭 Beginning of the year is rough

Right on their day 14 too!! Not even increased difficulty yet, just that rough of a time >:[

Jan 22nd, 2024


As I got awoken to the sounds of jackhammers and electric saws naught but a room away, they evolved into Jesmon and Durandamon!! Been a while since some Ultimate levels :]

Jan 18th, 2024


They at some point evolved into Saivor Hackmon and Duramon! Got them enough battles while waiting for my therapy appointment :]

Jan 16th, 2024


Got woken up this morning to the duo digivolving into BaoHuckmon and Zubaeagermon! I'll need to start battling them today...

Jan 15th, 2024


Hackmon and Zubamon evolved yesterday! I also had a dream that involved them evolving into entirely new digimon, and I got worried that I didnt have the sprites set up for here with them.

Jan 13th, 2024


RIP Devimon a while back, and happy birthday to duo Sakumon and Sakuttomon! Going Zuba and Hack cause I can't really mess up besides killing them, hopefully to get better in the swing of things!

Dec 27th, 2023


RIP Vegiemon

Dec 25th, 2023


Merry Christmas! They evolved into devimon and.... Vegiemon. I didn't overfeed enough, which I forgot was a mechanic >:P

Going for the easier jogress of Aegisdramon and Mugendramon next time

Dec 23rd, 2023


They evolved into Agumon and Gabumon! I'm glad I looked at the evo line before reaching their adult stages, cause I realized CresGaruru was through Garurumon/Yukidarumon who require some mistakes.

Dec 22nd, 2023


I got impatient for the New Year like I said I was gonna do and matched a V1 and V2 egg :] Gonna try and go for a Jogress to Omegamon if I'm lucky enough

Dec 19th, 2023

Gif of an emoji with its hands in the air wailing dissolving into nothing

I don't even remember what day it was, but both Leomon and Orgemon died :( I haven't started any new eggs or anything as it's so busy lately. Thinking I'll start it back up by the start of nxt year.

Dec 4th, 2023


Piyomon evolved into Leomon and Patamon evolved into Orgemon.

I wonder why the orge in Orgemon is made of a mispelling of Ogre when it just gets translated into Ogremon and is pronounced like Ogre anyways??? Odd.

Ogre is no longer a word to me.

Dec 2nd, 2023


Tanemon evolved into Piyomon and Tokomon evolved into Patamon.

Dec 1st, 2023


So it's been a few days :,]

It's been a bit busyish and I've been concerned with other things, so I only just now hatched new digimon.

Did the random egg thing again, got Yuramon to Tanemon and Poyomon to Tokomon. No clue what I wanna evolve to, fuck around and find out I think.

Nov 21st, 2023


Devidramon died 💔 Some time this evening while I was drawing. I eas kind of expecting it during this morning helping my dad with work but it managed to hang on just fine then.

Gonna hold off on hatching new until tomorrow or so, I have a massive headache :[

Nov 19th, 2023


Im writing this on the 20th instead bc I forgot to mention I killed Raremon on accident :[ Raremon's stats dipped down like twice as fast as Devidra's. Though Devidramon's still alive! Haven't cracked open a new egg either, we're just chilling with one for now.

Nov 16th, 2023

raremon devidramon

Got the two Gazimon to evolve differently! They became Raremon and Devidramon!

Reallly happy with those two evos, theyre some of my favorite digimon!

Nov 14th, 2023


Waited until this morning to hatch eggs since it was so late last night that Andromon died. Opened the egg screen, closed my eyes and just stopped at a random egg for both of them.

They both came up as the Ver5 egg lmao. So I'll have the challenge of either raising them the exact same way or, even more difficult, raising them *differently*.

They'll both be so far Zurumon to Pagumon.

Despite my best efforts in trying to neglect the left one, they both became Gazimon.

Nov 13th, 2023


Titamon died :[ I have NOT been able to hear most of the time when their notif sound goes off even with it right next to me??? Other sounds work so I doubt its a speaker, and I HAVE heard it before lately so idk whats up.

HiAndromon is still alive. I don't think I'll hatch a new egg until HiAndro also dies. No clue what I'll go for next!

Nevermind HiAndromon also died rip lmao. Got distracted watching RTgame playing amongus vr

Nov 9th, 2023


Chilling in bed when Andromon and Digitamamon evolve into HiAndrmon and Titamon! They woke my cat up when evolving

And then immediately putting them to bed since it's getting late lmao

Nov 5th, 202e


Shellmon and Nanimon evolved into Andromon and Digitamamon! I was worried I wouldn't get the battles in, but I managed >:]

Weeeee shall see if I can get to the last stage, Ive been forgetting them often lately.

Nov 3rd, 2023


While helping to drain my waterbed, Kunemon and Palmon evolved into Shellmon and Nanimon! I had basically ignored them enough to barely not kill them yesterday, so I'm glad for actually achieving a "bad" evolution path finally. Think it's a bit funny I only got one bad evo line, considering I think I was doing the same for both of them? It was hard to pay attention though I was busy.

Nov 1st, 2023


Put the new battery in, and they both died Xp oopsie

Gonna probably go for the v3 and v4 eggs! No specifc goal, though Coelamon or Leomon would be fun!

Managed to get Kunemon and Palmon!

Oct 31st, 2023

Alas, on the early hours of my birthday, my batteries died :[ Although!! to my knowledge!! Blitzgreymon and Angemon have NOT died!! Tho it was a while before I checked them last before the batteries died so I cant say they havent died yet. They atleast lived until then! Will have to get a screwdriver that fits later and change out that battery, thankfully I got spares on hand.

Oct 26th, 2023


Gabumon evolved into Angemon! I could hear the evolution jingle right as I was finishing washing dishes. Even with Blitzgreymon past the 15 age mark, it has not yet died! It may be very soon though, as I have plans this saturday and tuesday of hanging out with friends for birthday related activities >:]c

Oct 24th, 2023


Nanomon died, and BlitzGreymon would've probably too if I wasn't in the room when Nanomon did. Still baffling how long and loud the death tune is.

Not gonna lie, I should've probably let BlitzGreymon die too so I could restart both at the same time. Oh well.

Restarting with the Ver. 2 egg, so it'll be Punimon and Tunomon. Hoping for Elecmon as I loveee Elecmon, but I'll be happy if it's Gabumon as well. Don't really have a plan for any of the later evos, maybe Whamon if I get Elecmon.

I should've realized there were more than 6 hours in the day left still but I didn't anticipate Tunomon evolving into Gabumon already.

Oct 18th, 2023

blitz greymon

Metal Greymon evolved into Blitz Greymon! I forgot there's only really the care requirement for Blitz, not battle I think.

Evolved when I'm sitting outside typing up a regular blog post on my phone lmao, little guy wanted the spotlight.

Oct 15th, 2023

metal greymon

Airdramon evolved into MetalGreymon today during breakfast!

I dont think I'm gonna actively worry about evolving MetalGreymon into BlitzGreymon since I've already had it before, so I'm just gonna chill with these guys I think :]

Im not certain what my plans are after this! I dunno if I wanna go for Monzaemon/Ex-Tyrannomon again, or if I wanna go down some of the other eggs since this is currently the second time with the v1 and v5 eggs, and I striaght up haven't used the v2 egg yet.

I definitely don't have the money for one right now, but I'm definitely considering getting a Version A/B ver20th to be able to unlock Dorumon line... The sprites are soooo pretty.

Oct 14th, 2023


Tuskmon evolved into Nanomon! Glad to get one of the funny little guys :] Airdramon has yet to evolve, despite seemingly doing every battle together. Wait, I forgot to tuck in Tuskmon since it woke up right before bed and Airdramon remained asleep, so I think that knocked their timers off center. Damn! I'm hoping Airdramon evolves before I go to bed.

Also been filling out sprites for a semi-ahead-of-time! I at least want to offer all sprites from the ver20th for others to use for their vpet blogs :]

Speaking of which, I'd be glad to get pointed to people's websites that document their vpet's!!! I am getting so obsessed dfghjm

And getting even more off-topic, I've had a game called "My Personal Hilopet" on Steam as it's a little vpet game! Starting that back up to provide music and a funny little guy on my computer :]

(Especially since I don't think shimeji's work on Mac)

Oct 12th, 2034


Gizamon and Betamon evolved into Tuskmon and Airdramon respectively. I swore I neglected them more than that but apparently not? Theyre new entries in the digipedia so I'll take it, but neither were what I was aiming for.

They both decided to do this in the middle of my nap, too.

Oct 10th, 2023


BaoHuckmon died and I managed to actually catch a death scene live, since little guy was sitting next to me.

I didn't know what was going on, as BaoHuckmon was just lying there sick (I swore I put him to bed on time????) and it was just SCREECHING long single notes in a way reminisce of a computer completely freezing when trying to do more than it can handle and was not respoonding to any of my inputs. It's the original packaging battery in there so I had assumed it was the battery dying and causing it to react so... poorly?? But no, I just witnessed the end :[

I am SO glad I didn't go to bed an hour ago like I should've because that would've scared the shit out me waking me up.

I've been really bad at not battling my digimon once they reach adult stage, and that's also in part because I'm also bad at jsut gunning for those pills for upping strength instead of training. Duo training is a little bit a pain in the ass when they're more than a notch from full, especially if I'm in the middle of something else, but singles training, while easier, is twice as much training, though with a much better success rate when not looking directly at it.

Also with Coredramon Blue and BaoHuckmon, I started being really bad about mistakes and not paying as much attention. Due to an undisclosed yet insignificant reason, I don't carry around the digivice for fear of the undisclosed reason taking it and breaking it/slobbering in it/etc. even with the case. I also just don't wear pants with pockets most of the day, and I'll get caught up doing something somewhere else and miss their needs, though I don't really wanna take the battery out and take a break? I'll at least fill out up to adult stage currently I guess lmao.

Though I guess sucking ass at raising them is also a part of the game, isn't it?

I'll hatch an egg in the morning, I'm thinking about gunning for some poopmons? Monzaemon and ExTyrannomon I'm thinking? Funny, it'll be egg v1 and egg v5 again :]

Oct 6th, 2023


Coredramon Blue died :[ Was busy today. BaoHuckmon is still alive so far. Haven't hatched a new egg yet.

Oct 2nd, 2023

BaoHuckmonCoredramon Blue

Sometime this morning they evolved into BaoHuckmon and Coredramon Blue while I was busy. I couldn't tell for a while because the poop obscured their whole sprites and their faces were similar at a glance.

Oct 1st, 2023

So far no changes in the Digimon themselves, but my GOD I now get why people complain about the poop in this device so much. I'm now using the "Heal them and don't clean up the poop" strat to not worry about it anymore (although not seeing my Digimon half the time sucks) because it's ridiculous.

I don't know if it's just my general attention towards it is declining and so it feels like theyre pooping more now, or if it genuinely got... faster? When I first got this DM20th, it did not feel super overwhelming cleaning up after them and making sure they don't die of disease. Now, I could quite literally blink after cleaning them and they've pooped again. What the hell? It really feels like a bug or something they didn't fix.

Sept 30th, 2023


Got back from my trip the other day, so today I decided to hatch new digimon. I unlocked the Slayerdramon egg, and I had the Hackmon egg egg unlocked, so I let those be my new digimon.

Hackmon egg hatched into Sakumon, which evolved into Sakuttomon, and then later into the day evolved into Hackmon.

Slayerdramon egg hatched into Petitmon, which evolved into Babydmon, and then later into the day evolved into Dracomon.

Sept 22nd, 2023


Unimon and Monochromon died during the way to a restaurant :(

Gonna hold off getting new digimon for about a weekish because I'm gonna be busy

Sept 15th, 2023


Patamon evolved into Unimon.

Sept 14th, 2023


Piyomon evolved into Monochromon.

Sept 13th, 2023


Tokomon evolves into Patamon.

Sept 12th, 2023


Tanemon evolved into Piyomon.

Mugendramon dies while I was eating supper, so before bed I hatched the Ver.3 egg, hatching Poyomon evolving into Tokomon.

Sept 11th, 2023


BlitzGreymon died at 17 days old, though Mugendramon was still alive.

Decided to go for Aegisdramon, so I got the Ver.4 egg, and hatched Yuramon which evolved into Tanemon.

Sept 3rd, 2023


MetalTyrannomon evolved into Mugendramon when I left the room for a literal minute.

Sept 2nd, 2023

Blitz Greymon

MetalGreymon evolved into BlitzGreymon!

At this point, I was thinking on possibly letting BlitzGreymon die off once I got Mugendramon to try and getting Aegisdramon to jogress for RustTyrannomon. Though, it seemed hard to let one die while trying to keep the other alive, so I decided to let them live together as long as I could.

Aug 30th, 2023

Metal GreymonMetal Tyrannomon

Devimon evolved into MetalGreymon, with later that night DarkTyrannomon evolving into MetalTyrannomon.

Double metal!

Aug 28, 2023

DevimonDark Tyrannomon

Agumon evolved into Devimon, although I was hoping for Tyrannomon. Didn't do enough training.

Later in the afternoon, Gazimon DID evolve into my target - DarkTyrannomon.

I wanted a matching set and Agumon had to ruin it for me. At least they were matching in a new way in being edgier digimon lol

Aug 26th, 2023


I had miscalculated the time that I needed to set so it wouldn't wake me up at 7am EST, and instead of setting the clock to be 5 hours behind me, it was instead 5 hours AHEAD of me, waking me up at 3:40am evolving into Agumon.

In the morning, I got the second egg and chose the Ver.5 one, which has Zurumon, and it evolved shortly after into Pagumon.

In the afternoon, while I was in the shower, Pagumon evolved into Gazimon.

Aug 25th, 2023


Obtained my first Vpet! Got the beginning Botamon and it evolved into Tokomon in the time it took to go back to my room.

two photos stitched together, the first one being a picture of my purple digimon 20th vpet in the box, and the second one is a picture of me holding it, tokomon on screen.