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June 4th, 2024


a rainbow line of swatchlings sweeping

I've been working hard and hardly working on my OC repository for a while now :]

I got all characters* I think I'll be needing to put in it for a while.... so it's largely actually working on their profiles and drawing them n' such!!

*except for the ones I'm making in my head recently. Whether they'll stay long enough or not... we shall see. Also every time I do a run of Wildermyth I end up having to put down another character if I get attached to them lolol

I plan to have like "folder pages" as like a "here's the story and characetrs" for each story-group of characters of mine! It's not a super high priority as some just.... dont have a solid story all written out yet. I dont mean like a whole book written out I mean more like some don't have solid backstories or a general plot summary thought out, or updated. Many characters are several years old, so their stories just need a refresher, or I've plum forgotten most of it. I'm also not very decisive, so some stories have been remixed several times before, and I wanna solidly plan out their whole story before I type anything up for the characters.

... I feel like I just repeated myself there a few times. Oh well! Long story short I've got a lotta work ahead for me :]

Anyways, it's been a minute.

I did not get into the college I wanted to that my friends are at. That was... very disappointing, to put it mildly. A big fucking waste of money too. It was like 80$ for their stupid application shit. Afterwords I did apply, and get into, a local community college. It's... mainly for just something to do, I guess? It's what my parents were suggesting I should try next since I had gotten rejected, and I really have no other ideas. I was banking on the college in the "getting out of this house and being a person" thing a bit too hard.

My giant art burst from the beginning of the year has teetered out by now, and I'm mainly doing other things while drawing very occasionally. I feel like I should be drawing more, but I need to remind myself of just how much stuff I drew this year already and that I should just chill out for now. Though, what I have managed to finish lately I've been suuuper proud of, namely Rae Starchild for my partner and Hamander for myself!

Rae, a human with a blue celestial leg and arm, dashing in the sky arm outstretched, and her duck flying by her.Hamander, a black canide anthro with colorful fabric layered over a gown thing, and crow feathers at the bottom hem.

Look at all those details!!!

Been messing around on Roblox lately. Playing some with my friends, and also just dicking around and trying out games that look maybe fun or really odd. Chanegd my skin up from the rat I was using for a long while, to a funny little bird. They got (if the experience allows the customization options) a piece of clothing that makes their arms into wingarms which is super duper fun. I've been obsessed, even named this avatar character "Reshi"

My red and white bird roblox avatar

Also tried out "Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers", a 3DS game, cause I saw on twitter it's a game that turns Mii's into furries. I figured, hey! If it's bad, it'll be funny to see. If it's good? It's a new game to play!

And ohhhhhh my godddddd is it fun to play. I adore it, it's jumped up to some of my favorite 3DS games. It's so so good. It's a mix of both action, racing, and tower defense, as you defend villages from meteorite monsters by racing around and beating the shit outta em.

Also, I am learning as I type this up, it's apparently the third in the series :^] whoopsie. Still recommend checking it out lol