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Pronouns It/They/He
Partner Ronan Mejia
Evolution Line
Baby 1 Level Yukimi Botamon
Baby 2 Level Hiyarimon
Child Level Yuki Agumon
Adult Level Hyougamon
Perfect Level Panjyamon
Ultimate Level FrosVelgrmon

Yuki rarely talks. When it does, it's voice is thin and raspy, typically no louder than a shouting whisper. It's expression is largely unchanging and difficult to read, perpetually sitting somewhere between unsettling intimidation, or the fear and nervousness of that of a prey animal. To an outsider, Yuki is seemingly a mind reader, as a mere glance from Ronan can seemingly set Yuki off on a mission. Whether it's a secret code no one else understands, or the two are so in sync they share each other's thoughts, no one can say - and neither of them will tell. Yuki is seemingly undyingly loyal, and not just to Ronan. Ellie will tell that the scars across Yuki's left eye and it's back are from when Arlin went berserk, and it threw itself in the line of fire to try to protect Ellie. Unfortunately, Yuki is the weaker of the two, and both Ellie and Yuki didn't leave unscathed, but if it weren't for Yuki's sacrifice, Ellie surely would have died.


Arlin, Yuki, Ellie Mejia, Ronan Mejia WIP - 2024