Ranse Snowladle

Ranse Snowladle

Icon of Haywire

"The Decisive Goofball"
"The Virulent"
Pronouns He/Him
Class Hunter
Hooks Weird
Partner None
Family Milon Snowladle - Father
Eveen Snowladle - Mother
Ranse Snowladle - Brother
Pet None
Transformations Frost
• Everfrost
Elmsoul (Willow)
• Photosynthesis
• Tree Leg (L)
• Tree Leg (R)

The Story of Ranse Snowladle

"As a baby, he was sold to a theater troupe, and the Snowladles named him Ranse. It also meant he got to play all the cute kid roles growing up. He glowed when someone mentioned Adventure. He was driven to adventure by his lust for excitement and penchant for making powerful friends. The Circus was loosing money, and at the fear of collapse. So one night, Hamander and Ranse decided to head out into the world, the two together, and explore the world for themselves."

Ranse's Adventures

"When Morthagi were found planting trees near a village, he refused to fight them, standing on principle and letting instead the forest thrive anew."

"A harsh injury during battle has left Ranse worse for wear"

"Ranse carries within himself the soul of an ancient elm. "

"He journeyed into the depths of his own body, and encountered there a parasitic being. But, being Ranse, he decided that a parasite might make a close and precious friend. Turns out it does! For the rest of his life, he would talk to his body, and others swore that sometimes they heard his body answer."

"Ranse is a Fabled Adventurer."

Ranse's Legacy

Fought Deepists with "The Hilt of Light"

Fought Thrixl with "The Troop of the Mad Vision"

Monsters Killed: 216


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