Hamander Snowladle

Hamander Snowladle

Hamamnder icon art

"The Bookish Romantic"
Pronouns He/They
Class Mystic
Hooks Clown
Partner None
Family Milon Snowladle - Father
Eveen Snowladle - Mother
Ranse Snowladle - Brother
Posy Snowladle - Child
Sean Chuck - Illegitimate Child
Nina Chuck - Illegitimate Child
Pet None
Transformations Wolftouched (Scrag)
• Wolf Head
• Wolf Body
• Wolf Arm (L)
• Wolf Arm (R)
• Wolf Leg (L)
• Wolf Leg (R)
• Wolf Tail

The Story of Hamander Snowladle

"Hamander came from a long line of wolf-men, who were the original followers of Lochias. One ancestor had run away from the family however, and due to the rareness of wolf-men at the time, had joined the circus as "The Amazing Wolf-Boy". From there, Hamander's family became a part of the circus life. Mom and Dad were the stars of a theater troupe, and it only made sense they would name their son Hamander. It also meant he was forced to play all the cute kid roles growing up. Some of the best days were the quiet ones he spent with a young sick wolfkeeper living out her final days. Until the girl died, there were these things: simple meals, the warmth of a cabin, fire, compassion, and purpose. He often felt like a bud of burnless smoke, wayward and without reason. The circus had started dwindling, as traveling became even more dangerous than ever, and their fantastical events seemed like normalcy after the world had started spewing out even weirder and more horrific monsters than they had ever thought of, and so Hamander left the circus to explore, with his brother Ranse following along after him."

Hamander's Adventure

"Hamander has a tendency for promiscuity, and for illegitimate children. He secretly worries that Sean and Nina Chuck may be his for their wolf-touched-ness..."

"Weary of work, he once proposed a trip to a beautiful valley, to relax and find balance. So... off he went! Instead, the journey ended at a roadstop, where he fought off a band of brigands, saving a pair of siblings and their ill-guarded business. Whatever path Hamander took, he always seemed to end up a hero. "

"He visited the grave of his lost love, and tried to make peace with the past. But though the pain may dull, it will never fully leave him."

"Hamander is a Balladsung Hero"

Hamander's Legacy

Fought Drauven with "The Kids of the Stolen Fortitude"

Fought Deepists with "The Cranes of the Sword"

Fought Trixl with "The Troop of the Mad Vision"

Monsters Killed: 108


Hamander laying on rocks, smiling and sunning

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Hamander fighting Thrixl, the ground is all on fire, which is blue, and the thrixl are sillouetted

Hamander fighting Thrixl by ProfessorPiggy on Artfight

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