Posy Snowladle

Posy Snowladle

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"The Goofish Poet"
Pronouns They/She
Class Warrior
Hooks Gritty
Partner None
Family Hamander Snowladle - Father
Lirmere Snowladle - Son
Pet None
Transformations None

The Story of Posy Snowladle

"Posy enjoyed no coddling and little love as a kid. Their father left when they were still very young, and the father who remained became a hopeless drunk. Even as a child, they worked wherever folks could find a gentle use for their labor. Bottles absorbed whatever charity came their way. It was several old militia-men who first gave them the idea of becoming a fighter. They were who Posy’d worked beside their whole life. They started holding little impromptu sparring matches for boneslim stakes, and Posy showed promise, even while they were still growing into their body. After a couple years, they started fighting in tourneys, and, adding prize money to their working wages, was able to move out of her soon-to-be-estranged dad's house. A journey to distant places always seemed to be just on the horizon for Posy. Just after this harvest's pay, or the next. But when the father who'd left them suddenly showed up one day, it would mark the start of that endless, harrowing, joyous road, and the rest of their life."

Posy's Adventures

"After time on the road with him, Posy decided to quell the remaining animosity they had for their prodigal father. There would always be bitter memories there, but they hoped love would mend what could be mended, in whatever time they found."

"On a night like any other, Thisty Gluster the Dreamchanter strolled into camp. A singer and storyteller Posy had always admired, the night's memory stayed warm in their gut all the long songless nights after."

"Posy is a Local Legend"

Posy's Legacy

Fought Drauven with "Flowerashen"

Monsters Killed: 105


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