Flowey watching for a few moments, and then hiding non looping gif

Deltarune Talksprite styled headshot of my rat fursona Oko Howdy! I'm Fulvern!

Welcome to my site!

I'm nonbinary, and my pronouns are They/It!

I'm an artist! I mainly create digital illustrations, and plan to start taking commissions for them someday, but I also dabble in whatever medium may catch my eye! I've taken part in 1 zine, Welcome Back, Stanley: The Stanley Parable Fanzine!

But art isn't all that I do! I collect enamel pins, buttons, and charms of things I enjoy! I also play and watch about videogames! You can go here if you want to see what kinds of games I enjoy and more!

I have a separate page if you would like to read my thoughts and my playthroughs of Pokemon! Or, if you want to read my thoughts and theories about Deltarune (and a bit of Undertale too!)New!

This site is my entrance into learning HTML and CSS (maybe even javascript down the line?) so apologies for the unoptimization!


Mar 30, 2023

Promotional picture of a Filbo Fiddlepie plush

Filbo Plush Real....

I've been thinking about making something like coloring pages/anthro bases to sell on Kofi since I think it has that feature. With the recent release of Physical Filbo here its gotten even greater

[Sorta surprising that to me he's a lit more enticing than the Deltarune plushies, but also Filbo is one of my favorite bugsnax characters, while Spamton/Jevil/Ralsei/Lancer are characters I like, but arent my favorites. And we likely won't be seeing a Kris plush :( ]

Mar 27, 2023

'Tis the sad, unfortunate day of the 3DS and WiiU Eshop closure. The menu app will now just load for a while to an error page. :[

*[Edit: apparently it isnt currently down yet I just had a regular error earlier lmao]

The Nintendo Badge Arcade game was shut down on the 23th too. But there was no announcement at all about it, people thought it was a serverside error until a clarification today that it was intentional. I'm especially a bit miffed at that cause I just recently got an SD card big enough to even download the game in years >:(

I'm hoping someone is able to make a private server to make it properly playable again, like with Miiverse and Nintendo Wifi Connection for Gen 4 and 5 pokemon games.

Mar 16, 2023

My 3DS spent nearly 6 hours today downloading a bunch of 3DS/Dsiware/Virtual Console games I wanted lmao. I havent even gotten to the DS games yet!

Not to be dramatic but it feels incredibly like... freeing? To be able to play these games I would otherwise be unable or very unlikely to be able to play, both with the Eshop shutting down, and just in general dealing with aftermarket prices.

Because I do not casually have 200$ to drop on something like Pokemon Heartgold.

(I did see Yokai Watch in a Five Below once. It was sad to see, especially since I found the demo extremely fun. Really regret not picking that up at the time.)

I also went bowling yesterday with friends!! We were all years-worth of rust so none of us did very great. It was awesome to see them again, especially since I missed the last time!!

Last thing I wanna talk about! Digimon Cyber Sleuth has definitely convinced me to check out other Digimon games. I've also got a lot better grasp of the mechanics and strategy of the game, though it did require me to google how in the hell the types system worked. Also trying really hard to actually want to digivolve my team members and swap them out more, as that's what the game encourages but my Pokemon-set brain is like "noooo my friends :("

There's also so much tolerance for evolving a cool Digimon I like and it becomes a golden pile of shit, or a Ball Human. I dont care even if the stats are absolutely broken I am deevolving right then and there.

It also took me 13 hours ingame to figure out that I could nickname my Digimon lmao

Mar 13, 2023

Got the new micro sd card today :] Modded my 3DS, though I have yet to add anything more than custom firmware. There's a ton of games I really wanna try out, but that'll be for the morning tomorrow.

I did also mod my PSVITA yesterday! It was extremely easy and straightforward. The weird proprietary microsd card is only 8gb so I can only try a few games at a time on it. Been playing Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuths, and it's been a blast! My current favorite is Peckmon.

Mar 10, 2023

I have found the screwdriver that opens the backplate of my 3ds and I have ordered a 128gb microsd card. Once thats in my hands I will be Unstoppable <-(gonna mod my 3ds :])

The current sd card it has is 4gb and it can barely hold Flipnote, Pokemon Bank, and Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Feb 15, 2023

fuck it up pizza boy!!!!

Peppino from Pizza Tower breakdancing

anyways theyre beating my ass in the immune system

3/10 dont recommend getting sick

I could be a LOT worse off and I'm very glad I'm not, but oughg. yuck. Been spending most of my time downing cough drops, acetaminophen, and not-quite gatorade. Also been spending time largely sleeping in cat-naps throughout the day. I will say, I'm probably the only one in the household that hasn't had their tastes made weird and gross from this and I am oh so thankful for that.

(That... I don't have the fucked up tastebuds, btw, not that the others do.)

One of my biggest ires of being sick is when it's the kind that limits what food I can eat. I like food too much for that shit.

Feb 12, 2023

Guess whose household is coming down with Covid?

The day right before I had plans too. At very least we know about it, and so I didn't accidentally risk my friends health. But god damn.

Feb 7, 2023

I finished Monster Sanctuary's story yesterday and oughgjg so fun so fun so fun. Genuinely if youre a Pokemon fan, Monster Collection Game fan, or even just like strategic turn-based battles in games play it play it play it. It's also a 2d platformer, which Im not usually the worlds biggest fan of, but it's fairly non-challenging platforming outside of some more challenging rooms for loot. It's not difficult like like Super Meat Boy or... how 2d Mario games are to me lmao

Speaking of platformers, watching WayneRadioTv and friends streams of Pizza Tower has made me like a sideline fan of the game. I don't really think I'll buy the game for myself, though I'm probably still gonna like campaign for others to haha. The style of the visuals is just such a funny delight, but god. The sound design? The soundtrack? Stunning. Gorgeous. PHENOMENAL. Absolutely a delight to listen to. Very much considering getting the soundtrack from like steam.

Jan 28, 2023

After only about... what, 5 years? I finally got myself a 20$ish Switch travel case. Finally, my half-portable half-home-console is finally portable without being swaddled in like 3 layers of towels.

This is why I'll forever adore the DS/3DS/New 2Ds clamshell design lmao.

I dropped my old 3ds off of the back of a truck (stationary, but still like 4ft up), taken it to the beach dozens of times, brought it to school nearly every day for two years, and the only damage it had gotten was the case popped open in the corner and scuffed from the truck and a little dirty.

The old 2ds design was an absolute doorwedge, but at very least it still felt like it wouldnt shatter into dust and explode if it went outside your house for one second.

Heart DS Heart 3DS Heart

Completely unrelated, but my cat has now taught herself "fetch", and when she wants to play, she'll take whatever toy and drop it on my bed where I lay and meow for me. She has given me an 11:00pm curfew to be in my room so I can play with her, or else she will meow and try to find me.

Jan 22, 2023

On days where it's like 10pm and we haven't had supper yet I can never tell if I should just go to the kitchen and make whatever to eat or if its a "We ordered Taco Bell" when I start doing that or not night.

Also, microwaves should have a mute button. No, I don't want you waking the house up when my stupid food is done.

Jan 12, 2023

Baked some chocolate chocolate chip cookies but I put too much flour in them.

Now they're just cookie nuggets lmao

They taste good! Just ultra soft inside. Cookie hushpuppies gjdhfj

Jan 11, 2023

I meant to sit down and try to draw, but ended up clearing my mini hoard of links in my personal discord to put on the link page lmao. oops! Still need to post the last bit of Pokemon White I played, and now I need to write down what all I've done in Scarlet, since I got that recently.

Jan 3, 2023

I did NOT get great sleep this night, in fact I probably only slept about 2 hours in what might still be considered night, the rest being slept more in the day. About 6 hours of some restless, choppy sleep. bleh. I'll live though, honestly glad I slept at all, I was worried I wouldn't fall asleep and would be awake for 24+ hours.

I've been trying to clear up the overgrown invasive vi es and such in the backyard, been doing that for about 4 days straight now. Got quite a chunk cleared for only 4 days for 2 hours! But it's a lot more taxing than it feels when I'm clearing it, so at night I'll get sore.

And last night it was just a full body ache at that point. It wasn’t excruciating or anything, but it was enough to make me unable to sleep. Needless to say I'm going to be taking a break from landscaping hopefully lmao.

Anyways, on a different note, I finished Disco Elysium and oh my godddd. So good, so good, definitely going to be living rent free in my head now. RIP to every other game I've played and not finished recently but this is a category 9 Autism event.

I really get why some people have framed pictures of Kim Kitsuragi. I'm genuinely debating getting one too.

I made a sorta "liveblog" about my first playthrough on tumblr, none of it is like "profound" or anything but it's my first reactions to some things lmao.

Jan 1, 2023


May this year be good to us all!

Dec 28, 2022

I got a few games on the switch eshop for cheap when they were on sale, and Ive been trying them out over the past few days! The only one I haven't gotten to yet is Wandersong, but I feel fairly certain I'll like that game.

Ninjin Clash of Carrots promotional banner

The first game I tried was Ninjin, Clash of Carrots!

Well, technically I tried this game before, but that's because I played the demo YEARS ago when I first got my switch, and I just haven't ended up buying it until now. I very well enjoy this game! It's a beat-em-up with waves of enemies per level, and upgradeable equipment. It's kinda hard! There's items that make beating levels easier, but if you wanna get an S rank its very difficult! The artstyle is very cute!

Cooking Simulator promotional banner

Next I tried Cooking Simulator!

It's bad. It lags on loading screens, the graphics look absolutely crispy and crusty, and it runs just. bad. its so bad. I'm VERY glad I bought this for like, 2$ USD. If I bought it full price I would be mad, but that cheap it's comical. I think it'll probably just be a "I wanna fuck around doing dumb shit" kinda game on my switch now. The graphics kinda remind me in a modern day version of "Petz Cats Clan" visually, just so horridly crunchy it kinda makes me love it? Anyways, don't buy it on switch off sale.

Monster Sanctuary Promotional Banner

Finally, until I get to Wandersong anyways, Monster Sanctuary!

It is very very very fun!!! The whole reason I haven't gotten to Wandersong yet is because I don't want to stop playing yet. It's a 2d platformer and monster collection RPG! You start off with your choice of one of four "Spectral animals", a Lion, Eagle, Toad, or Wolf. (I went Eagle!) and you platform around the world battling monsters and collecting eggs to obtain your own. There isn't any catching mechanic, or seemingly any reason to have more than 1 type of monster past evolving (basically no EVs/IVs/Abilities/etc like Pokemon), and moves are on a mana system and can obtain more (with no limit) with a skilltree. There's also a combo system and ranking system I don't fully grasp yet, but the higher rank you get the rarer items you get from enemies.

Basically, outside of "Monster Collection" and the idea of battling them, it doesn't really have much in common with Pokemon. (Not that if it did would deter me, I really wanna get Coromon! Try the demo - it's a blast!)

The monster designs are cute! My current favorite is the "Catzerker", "Minitaur", and "Molebear", but there's not a single one I dislike. They can follow you around too, and have special abilities to help explore the world, like breaking vines or hovering a little. The sprite work is really cute too! Though, I think the monster journal monster portraits can be a little clunky looking, like the artist(/s) may not be too familiar drawing animals, but it's very charming and honestly I really like it.

Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone's doing well today! and I hope that families aren't too overbearing or such!

If you don't celebrate christmas, I hope you have a good day and all the closed stores aren't an issue!

I'm excited for the dinner later, love feast-like meals. Got both ham and turkey!

I got some new pajamas which look cozy, and a shirt with the kind of texture I like! Also got a Bob Ross desk calender, that HOPEFULLY wont be unused for basically 3 years on accident like the wall calender. oops lmao. I also got a new weighted blanket! It's 25 pounds, with my other two being (iirc) 12 pounds and 17 pounds, so it's definently the heaviest lmao. I can't wait to try it, especially for this cold weather. My partner got me Shadows over Loathing too, which I'm super excited to play! West of Loathing is super fun, and I watched her play Shadows a little bit when it first came out a few weeks (months?) ago.

is about 2$ USD. These games are fantastic, if you don't have them I HIGHLY recommend getting them, especially for this cheap. Portal 1 and 2 are just under the same amount, 1.48$ for both, if you'd like Portal 2 as well since it isn't in the ornage box, and I also VERY HIGHLY reccomend Portal 2. One of my most favorite games of all time, it's very dear to my heart. And it slaps.

Dec 18, 2022

Screw what I was gonna write before I can hear a raccoon digging in the trash outside my window.

*(once again, to no ones surprise, it is 3am at the time of witing this)

... Ok, anyways,

I was home alone most of the day today!! ... This isnt like, my first time or anything, it's just a really nice (and needed) break from the constant noise and presence of others. No people talking, no tv, no nothing. Just the animals and I.

I keep daydreaming about having my own house one day. Nothing big or fancy, just a space I can call my own and redecorate the way I want. 1 bed and 1.5 bath, probably. Max would be about 2 bed 2 bath, just so I could have an office or guest room for friends :]

It would be the opposite of minimalism — colorful, personal, and bountifully decorated with a load of trinkets and things that would make dusting hellish. The kitchen would 100% have one of those colorful "retro style" fridges. Solid colored walls, as to not muddle up any art I'd put up. Ooh, maybe one mural wall!

It would have absolutely no resale value and I'd adore it immensely

Dec 16, 2022

My parents are making fudge and the whole house smells like it :]

Dec 15, 2022

I didnt play more Deltarune, bc instead I saw that I could play Hollow Knight properly now without tremendous visual lag and input lag, so I've been doing that.

Beat Hornet and False Knight and then somehow got stuck in Deep nest, found my way to City of Rain i think its called, nearly fully explored that place JUST go to back to dirtwater. You'd have thought I'd have a bunch of money then from exploring, but no I kept dying, so Im fucking broke. Upgraded my nail tho and accidentally seemed to have unlocked what appears to be a very late game boss tho, so I got that going for me.

Im not a very 2d platformer game person, Ori and the Blind Forest is about the only other one off the top of my head I like, but I've been having a frustrating blast with Hollowknight. Fun! but holy fuck

Dec 13, 2022

Replaying Deltarune because now my Mac has garnered me 3 more save slots to play with, after I used up my previous 9 avaliable, and I really need somewhere to dump my absolute brainrot thoughts about the game. So I made this page.

I also need to update the PKMN White playthrough, I've got what I've done written down I just haven't gotten to it.

Dec 9, 2022

The pokemon page is now EVEN MORE COMPACT with the help of buttons! I'll try to customize them with icons later. I also plan to redo the likes page and possibly? my artwork page to use these as well to help their size. I also just wanna spice up the likes page because it's very. Wordy and Dull.

Dec 8, 2022

Its 5am now. I have spent the last 3 hours writing image alt text for every image or gif on this site I could think of. my hands hurt and the cat has decided to lay directly on my throat. send help.

Dec 7, 2022

Good news! I don't hate it! I.. actually quite like it!

I've got grievances, for sure. The track pad sucks ass. No separate buttons, just a mile wide rectangle taking a huge portion that could've gone to a slightly larger keyboard imo. Even changing the settings to make the click-in lighter, it's still very finicky of when it clicks. And right clicking? Hell if you dint designate a "right click zone". Even then, trying to select and move multiple files with solely the trackpad is super difficult. If I didn't have an old wired mouse hanging around somewhere I would've gone mad trying to move over files.

Anyways, bitching about the trackpad over, I gotta say I adore the screen. The HP 15 Notebook's screen is SO washed out it's incredible, especially with the purples. Max saturation purple was like a dusty blue, and I would always accidentally have bright purple when I wanted a paler color. But this screen? Perfect. I'm super super happy with it.

To test out if I got the tablet driver and art program setting the way I want, (and to try and not fall into art block), I drew a new ref for my Starbound Ray D. Atyon!

A set of two version of a reference of a charcter, the top one wearing clothes of a cowboy hat and orange cape with a gold trim. The character is an Avali, a raptor-like species with large eyes and four ears. He is black, with large neon green markings lined with cyan along his body. The radioactive hazard symbol is on his forehead and tail feathers.

The only issue I had was that for the beginning of strokes sometimes, it would be very high pressure versus the pressure I was actually inputting, though this is likely an error with the driver. Whether this is an issue with the Mac version, or this updated version in general, (because i sure as hell have barely ever updated my windows drivers), Idk. I doubt it's the tablet itself bc that hasn't been an issue with it on windows.

Something that's likely the issue with the tablet itself though is that it seems the buttons on it have worn out bad. I never particularly noticed on Windows, as it was hard to tell if it was lag or a physical issue, but the problem is definitely on the tablet itself. Not a very big deal, I tend to use the keyboard shortcuts anyways. The scroll wheel works fine, and that's my favorite feature on this specific model, so I'm happy enough.

Dec 5 2022

my windows laptop is giving me one last "hoorah" by being a pain in the ass with a fucked up "Bonjour" version.

Dec 5, 2022

Realized I forgot to put a category for Pokemon White 2 on the pokemon page. Just, yknow, forgetting to include my absolute favorite game from the franchise lmao

As I'm writing this the computer hasn't arrived yet, which makes my getting up early to be in vain. Im hoping it doesnt come until Im done with the birds, but likely itll be while Im still freeranging them. At least I'll just be out back if I need to be the one to sign for it.

It arrived! Screen is undamaged, it apparently had charge? So it turned on n stuff fine. I'm still out with my birds for about 20 more minutes so I'll work on setup n shit later. I will say, it is absolutely DENSE. Like double or triple the weight of my current laptop. the power brick is also FUCKING HUGE too.

Dec 4, 2022

If there's no delays or something silly, I should be getting my new computer tomorrow. I'm hoping I can wake up early enough to sign for it lmao. I have the option to "pre-sign" but I don't wanna risk it being delivered to the wrong door and someone going "Oh! Free computer!"

It's a Macbook Pro, which I feel... nervous about. I've only used an apple computer but a handful of times in my life, mostly the chunky blue Macs from elementary that they failed to teach me to type "normally" on, and the probably-nearly-outdated ones in the English classroom I used maybe 4 times before I started bringing my laptop to school that year. Didn't particularly like using them very much, too different from the windows computers I've always used. And I absolutely did not like the design of.. anything. Far too "shiny and minimalist" or something. Maybe it's more tolerable now. Maybe I can edit it in the setting or something. At very least a dark mode?

I dunno! I'm just hoping I'm at least neutral about it when using it. I really don't want to end up hating something I spent just under 3,000$ on. That's more money than I've ever held at once, and that's certainly the most money I've ever spent on something. It'll at VERY least be a lot more functional than this damned HP 15 Notebook, which will hopefully be nice.

On the bright side, commissions are likely to be sooner than later! Both because I'll now have a more reliable machine to work on them with, and also because I wanna fill the dent in my bank account now. Repeating what I said previously, I'll start off with headshots/icons to get used to commissions with, since they're the easiest for me.

I get nervous buying something more than 30$; I got out-right nauseous buying this thing. I better like it, damnit!


Well, on an unrelated but happier note, the last grocery order we got had substituted something with these walmart brand cashew nut bars, and DAMN they're delicious. They got like a yogurt icing or whatever on the bottom? Probably similar to what dog and rabbit treats sometimes can have? Which when I put it that way doesn't sound very good but I swear it SLAPS. Theyre also like, 2$ for a box of 6! Which REALLY beats the other brands of similar types of bars that are like 5$ for a pack of 6. So this time we got like 4 boxes and I've been snacking on one a day.

For treats like that I always try to only eat about one a day, so I can have them last longer than like two damn days otherwise, but it's hard to not like consume a whole box at once sdfghj

Dec 3, 2022

Please excuse if the sidebar blinkie marquee doesn't work properly. Still trying to figure that out but I dunno why its doing that instead of being like the marquee at the bottom? Something with multiple images I guess, but comparing it to another site which has scrolling stamps it should work?? Works on duckduckgo mobile but doesnt work on firefox (mobile and desktop) or samsung internet app.

I dunno! I'll figure it out or I'll do something else.

Alternate works instead lmao

Also took the gallery page and made it not a million miles long by making each year a scrollable segment.

Dec 2, 2022

Oh shit right its December now! Its seasonally appropriate to listen to I Am Become Christmas now. <-(listening to Aurora Borealis on repeat atm). Also a few days ago I found out you can just download the first four Lemon Demon albums like. legitimately, not youtube to mp3! It's a tie between Damn Skippy and Hip to the Javabean over which is my favorite, tho they all got songs I love on them!

... I couldn't do a music page because it would literally all be Neil Cicierega or videogame music gjfjng

Dec 1, 2022

A rough doodle of Kris from Deltarune in their dark world outfit. I figured my account details finally to be able to reactivate my ipad 2 again !! I made a Five Minute Kris Doodle to test if the drawing app works. Funnily enough Tumblr is also the only social thing that works still on it. I can now draw when my computer/desk is unavaliable again!

Nov 28, 2022

Every damn time I update this site on my phone I have to go to duckduckgo to even see site changes because Samsung Internet Doesnt Refresh Properly!!!! So I'll have to go redo my attempts to shorted the pokemon blog page section down to see fi they Did Anything Actually

Nov 27, 2022

I no longer have to copy and paste sidebar elements!!! It's with javascript from this tutorial! I can now make it as Obnoxiously Long As I Want.

Which is making me very aware of maybe i should do something for mobile. like a mobile-only link div at the top and shove the sidebar back to the bottom. If thats even possible? Probably. Idk its 3am and TECHNICALLY november 28th rn. anyways while the desktop view is Long the phone view is Even Longer. and I dont want to make it Stupidly Long. no "Colors of the sky" ass website. tomorrow tho. im tired. gn!!

Nov 22, 2022

Full body image of Quaquaval I likely won't get pokemon Scarlet and Violet for a long time because of all the. well everything. but this boy is now my son still. I love Quaquaval best water type starter right there with Feraligatr. Funny little guy I love with my whole heart <3

👇 my perfect boy

Bust image of Quaquaval from ghe Pokedex

Nov 19, 2022

I tried the sea salt caramel flavored hot cocoa and it tasted the EXACT same. I'm guessing it's the chocolate that sucks then? Im so upset I didnt get a great chocolate caramel drink tho.

Nov 17, 2022

My moms holiday bonus came in the form of an e-mug to keep drinks warm and flavored hot chocolate packets, and since I am 1) The only person that consistently drinks warm drinks and 2) the only person brave enough to try the weird hot chocolate it has entirely gone to me now.

Anyways im gonna try the "red velvet cocoa" rn

IT SMELLS LIKE A CANDLE?? I swear I smelled this exact scent when I went to TSC today for chicken feed oh god

Bad news! Tastes like a candle too. Absolutely disgusting 0/10.

Nov 17, 2022

A screenshot of a tweet by Toby Fox, who says 'I'm going to be starting an UNDERTALE / DELTARUNE mailing list SO you can get updates no matter where on the internet you are! tweet about it here. or you can check undertale.com in around 24 hours.' YOO UTDR mailing list tomorrow!!

Nov 17, 2022 (Technically)

You can use the background gif of my button to make your own if you'd like! a small, button sized gif of a purple grid moving across a black background.

unrelated to previous but HEADCRAB PICREW!!

Nov 16, 2022

I dont have anything for commissions page currently, but I wanna start headshot/icon commissions at some point hopefully soon. Icons are the easiest types to draw for me, so theyre the best to ease into trying commissions. They'll probably start at 5-10$ USD? I'll have to see how long they really take me, but I'll probably offer both my regular artstyle type icons and the style like I did for the Deltarune icon set I made.

Nov 16, 2022

Other than the collections page I still have to do, (take pictures of and sourcing everything will take. forever) so far every page is currently done! AND It looks alright on mobile!!

I'm glad I did this!! It wasn't easy per-se, but html was a hell lot simpler than I thought it would be to just jump into. Thank you neopets dot com for introducing me to the concept of html tags with its signatures lmao.