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Nov 23rd, 2023

Happy Random Day The USA Just Decided To Host A Feast On And Nothing Else day!!

Nah but for real thanksgiving is a weird holiday. Like it's very much a fucked up holiday thinking about it for a second, but I gotta admit I'm always very excited for holidays with a good feast.

Turkey always ends up lasting like a week in the fridge as leftovers and I make SO many turkey sandwiches from it it's so great.

We have two pies this year, the pumpkin pie we planned on making in general and an apple pie my mother's work sent us. We had ate some of the apple pie last night with vanilla ice cream and it was pretty good! It's "overrated and overpriced bakery" bought so it's very much not as good as a pie made from home, but it was still good!

We're gonna have one or maybe two of my dad's friends over to eat as well, which... is gonna be a little awkward like i tusually is but it's not like I don't expect it, we've been doing this for several years now. It could always be worse, it could be like back when I was young living in Kentucky and getting dragged around to 2 or 3 different thanksgivings because the family was so large. I'd probably appreciate it more now (do you know how much leftovers I could have?!) but MAN was it exhausting when I was like 10 years old and younger. Especially cause I'd have to do the same thing AGAIN for Chrismas just a month away. I wouldn't see many of my family memebrs outside of them either, so it was like barely-acquaintances I was supposedly related to I had to be around.

Though my recent trip back to Kentucky a while ago did put a sort of soft nostalgia over those memories after seeing everyone again after many years.

WILL SAY so so so glad I don't have to deal with "Extended Family's Politics At The Dinner Table". Just the "Immediate Family's Politics at the Everywhere All The Time" lol, which considering how tiring that can get I can't imagine how I'd fair at anything more. I wish immense strength and luck to those who do have to deal with that, because god damn.

It's also been like, Black Friday All Month this year hasn't it? Tomorrow doesn't even matter since everything has been running their sales like the second after Halloween ended. Change the term from "Black Friday" to just "Sales November". We can only hope this phenomenon will ease some pressure off of people working retail tomorrow.

I don't remember if I've mentioned it here or not yet but I'm now planning to go to college, specifically one many of my friends also go to. It was a STRUGGLE to remember any login information for test scores, and half of the accounts I thought I might've had didn't actually exist. THANKFULLY after like a week of calling support and emailing a support ticket I had gained access to my SAT scores online. I plan on probably going next fall, it should hopefully give us enough time to buy supplies as needed and to figure out housing situation, plus that's when my friends are also going.

As much as I don't really want to go to college, it can hopefully be a good "getting the fuck out of the house" opportunity that'll allow me a better grip on my mental health and be able to do things like "Getting a Job" or something productive. I'm trying so hard to see the positives in this, especially if things can go my way and I end up like, really enjoying my classes and able to live with my friends instead of strangers in a dorm. Ngl either way I'm gonna miss my cat a ton even with coming back home occasionally and seeing her. Also worried about her since my parents keep fucking letting her outside everyday despite my opposition and total hatred of that, and if Anything Happens To Her Because She Keeps Going Outside You Will See Me On The News.

The reason we can do this semi-nonchalantly is because I graduated with a 75% scholarship, as shitty as my school experience was I can say it definitely helped to get good scholarships, though admittedly I'm still nervous of the 25% we'll still have to pay. Also to see what exactly falls under the 75%, if it's just the college fee or includes cost of living there or not.

Not particularly worried about not getting accepted since 1) I had pretty damn good test scores and 2) a LOT of my school peers end up going there.

I had the fucking University of Miami calling for like a year after I graduated to join their Animation program or degree or something. Wasn't interested in taking an animation job, nor even paying 25% of University of Miami prices lmaoo

Also I'll be forced to learn to drive which like. Is A Reasonable Skill To Have especially in this Car-Laden Shithole, I just end up having a panic attack even thinking too hard about piloting a vehicle cause I've had. Many a not great experiences with them even while I've only ever ridden in them. The idea of being the one responsible for a Giant Metal Death Machine On Wheels is not a nice one!

Onto more pleasant rabble, I've had a Pokemon card collection for a while, something I'd ever so occasionally get a booster pack or something to add to with new art. Though more recently, through both my own purchases and also my dad, I've gotten a Digimon, Metazoo, Disney Lorcana, and One Piece TCG collections. I'm not particularly attached to the Lorcana and One Piece ones, (they were my dad's purchases) and will probably sell the Lorcana one as a random bundle or something at some point. I have a friend that if I remember correctly likes One Piece, so I'll have to ask them if they want these cards before I consider also selling those as well.

Though! For the TCG collections I DO like, I've been collecting more Digimon cards lately! There's booster packs for like 5$ at the checkout to our local Walmart and I've been grabbing one about half the time when I'm able. No Hawkmon cards yet, though one can hope! Gotten some other Digimon I really really enjoy though, like BEMmon, RizeGreymon, and Dobermon! I want to eventually learn how to play the card game, although I don't know anyone that would play with me lol. Might eventually have to bug a friend into learning to play with me or something, even over tabletop sim ;P

I'd also probably also wanna learn Metazoo's as well, as I have a few cards and I've falled in LOVE with the style of their cards! Though I don't have I think enough to make a deck or such. The cards are so pretty though, it's a watercolor style reminiscent of original Pokemon art and it's soooooo <3

I do have a basic idea how to play the Pokemon TCG, as I would sometimes play the online TCG game when that was still up. (TCG online, not the new Pokemon TCG Live though I did try that out once, but no longer had my cards that I had on Online >:P) More recently I was also playing the GBC Pokemon Card Game game, which I'm realllly enamored by the sprite interpretations of the really old cards. But also the NPC's on that game are fucking BRUTAL and I was getting legitimately salty at times. Anyways what I was gonna say is that I do have some friends that are at least Pokemon fans that I may get at some point playing the Pokemon TCG with me eventually.

However, I mainly just collect for funny little physical cards of art I enjoy a lot tbh

I woke up really early this morning because of the cat, but I only stayed awake because I had a nosebleed that kinda freaked me out. I don't usually get them but very rarely, so I'm hoping it's just the weather and nothing more.

Oh!! I should mention that Gamemaker is now free for non-commercial usage!!! I've not used it myself (I don't know any programming languages outside HTML/CSS yet) but it's what Undertale and Deltarune use so I'm obligated lol. I've also jsut heard really good things about it besides that fact as well.