Icon of Oko

Meeeee :]c
Pronouns They/It
Species Rat (Previously mouse)

The fursona of this webmaster :]

They are a rat. It doesn't have any special story or powers by itself, as it is just me, but they may gain some if they are being used as an insert into a story.

Alternate Forms

When put into some other worlds, they may change form. Currently, they have a Digimon form and a Pokemon form.


Oko in mass attack by Tobiemutt on Artfight

Oko by NazuMouse on Artfight - 2024

Oko riding a bulbmin getting chased by the waterwraith. all their blue pikmina re dying or hanging on the bulbmin

Average Waterwraith Moment - 2024

Oko and Kami (friedns hisuan typhlosion sona) getting carried away by a snitchbug

Pikmin Moment ft. Kami - 2024

Oko face forward nsoe down kubrick stare

Oko Stare - 2023

Oko sketch with sorta my body type

Oko with my approx. Body type sketch - 2023

Oko lightner deltarune style talksprite

Oko Deltarune lightner style talksprite - 2022

Reference - 2022

Oko grabbing a soda out of a vending machine TSP - 2022

Symmetrical blinking icon of oko

Oko Blink Icon - 2022

oko as the spongebob THE meme

THE Oko - 2021

Oko as Spamton NEO

Oko NEO - 2021

Oko side profile with nonbinary bg icon

Oko Icon - 2021

oko peeking inside a circle icon

Oko Peeky - 2020

oko balancing a tablet pen on their snout

Oko Art Icon - 2020

Oko halfbody

Oko Halfbody - 2020

Oko sketch page msotly headshots

Oko Sketches - 2020

oko standing like those youtubers with a bunch of stills for a face

Oko Presentation - 2020

Oko icon thing

ookkoo - 2020

oko sitting crying smiling

Happy tears - 2020

Sketch of an Icon for oko

Oko Icon Sketch - 2019(?)

Sketch of Oko winged and falling backwards

Oko Winged Sketch - 2019(?)

oko as burning elmo

BURNNNN - 2019

Oko and Haywire Quiznos - 2019

Small animal - 2019

Oko sitting back to back with a white rat wiht a crown and goggles

Oko and my old Roblox Avatar - 2019

Oko, Chernobyl, and Nutik - 2019

Ceiling Goblin - 2019

Oko reference

Oko Reference - 2019

Oko with a purple jacket. there's text on it but i cant read it and dont remember

Oko purple jacket - 2019

Oko, Chernobyl, Haywire, Tyvring, Lyonel, and Goober - 2019

Oko with bean on a valentiens card

Valentines - 2019

Oko but frankly ugly looking

Oko first Krita Drawing - 2019

Bean holding Oko

Oko and Bean - 2018

Bean holding Oko

Oko Ref - 2018

oko sitting in a stock image hand sleeping

Oko Clothes - 2018

oko sitting in a stock image hand sleeping

Handful of Oko - 2017(?)