Melmae Daythroft

Melmae Daythroft

Icon of Haywire

"The Compassionate Goofball"
Pronouns She/They
Class Warrior
Hooks Nostalgic
Partner Drimion Fenspear
Pet None
Transformations Crowtouched
• Crow Wings
• Crow Tail
• Crow Leg (L)
• Crow Leg (R)

The Story of Melmae Daythroft

"A gaunt, grim girl showed up one night to the camp of a small poor performing troupe, a teenager with her infant sister Melmae in tow. The two stayed in the back of a cart, on the road, but it was only shortly thereafter, passing through Bluegap, that the older girl succumbed to an illness of the blood and was buried there. Two dancers decided to quit the travelling life then, and they settled down and adopted Melmae as their daughter, raising her in Bluegap above a rope and ribbon shop they were able to open up, and keep afloat. Despite the circumstances that brought her to her eventual home and family, Melmaeā€™s childhood was happy. She was a lanky girl, but grew into a muscular and healthy frame, much to the relief of her adoptive fathers. She brought a natural sense of humor to everything she did. One day, she picked up a broomhandle and started sparring with trees. Soon she was training with others, and competing in tourneys, honing her skill and body for little practical reason, aside from the fact she enjoyed it. Loyal in her bones, and prepared for life's turns, she'll find herself thrown into challenges she never imagined, but meeting them with a courage she feels, deep down, is fed by her resting sister's love."

Melmae's Adventures

"Wind in her wings, the dream was of wandering. A quest without end. One night, in an abandoned shed, in a rainstorm, she met a crow woman, and the dream came true. All the journeys afterwards felt more certain."

"Drimion and Melmae got married!"

"Drimion and Melmae got married!" [1]

"She swiped the egg of a Crag Eagle from its towering nest. The bird would hatch and grow to become a half-wild ally, bringing treasures sometimes from distant lands. Eventually, it stopped returning."

"Once, when a friend of hers lost someone dear, Melmae chose to help that friend cross into a goddess's realm where the two could live again, reunited. Ever since, she's treated stories of gods with greater reverence, and wondered how much she'd sacrifice to stay with the ones she loves, or may someday."

"Melmae is a Local Legend"

Melmae's Legacy

Fought Drauven with "Flowerashen"

Monsters Killed: 48


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[1] It does actually say that twice in-game. Will manually change it into another adventure once I come up with something maybe.