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"The Poetical Romantic"
"The Collector"
Pronouns She/Her
Class Mystic
Hooks Loyal
Partner None
Pet None
Transformations Stormtouched (Bound)
• Stormgaze Skunkish (Long)
• Skunk Tail Child of the Hills (Obsidian)
• Foothill Arm (L) Celestial (Galactic)
• Celestial Leg (R) Crystalline
• Gem Leg (L) Elmsoul (Willow)
• Photosynthesis Beartouched (Ghost)
• Bear Arm (R)

The Story of Lorbora

"Lorbora was born in a place where traditions grew thick. Only from the old ways, it was said, could flower beauty and truth. From the curt tales she told of life on the road, odd jobs and strangers treated her poorly, left few good memories to dwell on. A bird was in her heart."

Lorbora's Adventures

"The pursuit of knowledge left Lorbora huddled and hiding in a Morthagi wardrobe while her companions fell to the vile mechanicals. She decided the best way to continue her research was to join the party and hide no more."

"A nasty ol' scar"

"Lorbora gained power from a goatherd's ancient Stormwell."

"Lorbora is a Folk Hero"

Lorbora's Legacy

Fought Thrixl with "The Troop of the Mad Vision"

Monsters Killed: 85


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