Kika Matia

Kika Matia

Icon of Haywire

"The Romatic Goofball"
"The Virulent"
Pronouns She/Her
Class Hunter
Hooks Lucky
Partner None
Pet Rat
Transformations None

The Story of Kika Matia

"Kika's mother taught her swordplay while good old father gave her lessons in distinguishing different alcohols. Some odd pairings work, and Kika would always be drawn to her opposite. She spent too long in a sculptors' guild, where her enthusiasm was always far greater than her skill. Anyway, it was a simple thing for her to find motivation. A coin or a kiss, or a steady source of both."

Kika's Adventures

"After years of training and searching for them, Kika finally attained her dream of joining the party."

"Kika is a Local Legend"

Kika's Legacy

Fought Trixl with "The Troop of the Mad Vision"

Monsters Killed: 14


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