Jainshae Twiner

Jainshae Twiner

Icon of Haywire

"The Goofish Leader"
Pronouns She/They
Class Hunter
Hooks Lucky
Partner Mew Calderlee
Pet Pinecone
Transformations Drauven Wings (Gold) Sylvan (Divine)
• Spirit-marked
• Sylvan Arm (L)
• Sylvan Leg (L)
• Sylvan Leg (R)

The Story of Jainshae Twiner

"Jainshae was found as an infant, squalling in a basket in the river shallows. The geezers who found her raised her as their own. She's always had a special connection to the woods, spending days upon days in them, camping, foraging, hunting, or even purposely getting lost in them to explore even more. "

Jainsae's Adventure

"Contracting a rare disease called Igochorra, she chanced upon a holy pilgrim who was able to guide her to a cure. This brush with mortality helped her recognize the preciousness of her own life. Ever after, she seemed more able to accept her past, forgive herself her failings."

"She once bet someone she could set off in one random direction and find a magical treasure. Wildly, she won, and her legendary luck would everafter be the subject of song."

"Jainshae and Mew got married!"

"Jainshae took a hit to the eye that left her unable to use it anymore"

"A nasty ol' scar"

"Jainshae is a Mythwalker"

Jainsae's Legacy

Fought Gorgons with "Moth's Light"

Fought Drauven with "The Hounds of Plenty"

Fought Gorgons with "The Beasts of Music"

Fought Deepists with "The Hilt of Light"

Fought Drauven with "The Kids of the Stolen Fortitude"

Fought Deepists with "The Cranes of the Sword"

Monster's Killed: 252


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