Art Tryst

Art Tryst

Icon of Haywire

"The Compassionate Romantic"
Pronouns He/They
Class Warrior
Hooks Destiny
Partner None
Pet None
Transformations None

The Story of Art Tryst

"His father was once an artist, traveling the world to sell portaits. He was gravely injured, and had to retire early. Starting a family, Art Tryst was the eldest and most sickly son of them all. His passion for literature keeps Art occupied, from writing to reading, he's always got a book on hand."

Art's Adventures

"Once, he had to help a friend relinquish the past and stay present in the world of the living. It made Art recognize his own clinging heart, and laugh about it. Hard to let a good thing go."

"Art is a Fabled Adventurer"

Art's Legacy

Fought Morthagi with "The Drift Kings"

Monsters Killed: 77


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