Icon of Scrappel

"I'm NOT a paper boy! I don't have ANY news for you!"
Pronouns Any/All (favors masculine)
Nickname Scrappy[1]
Floors Found Cardboard Mansion
Elevator x5[2]
Can Enter Elevator Yes
Killable Yes
Hostile Yes

Scrappel is made entirely of paper, with a crumbled paper ball head, and paper cut-out wings, tail, tie, sword, and horns. He has drawn-on pawpads on it's hands and feet. When she speaks, he makes various paper sound effects.


Icon of Scrappel

Scrappel Icon - 2024

a paper textured roblox characetr with a crumple paper ball head. it has a pair of horns, wings, a tail, and a tie that look to be scribbles on paper cutouts. he has a sword and a hidden face in the paper ball head.

Scrappel Reference - 2024s



[1] The other characters to call it "Scrappy" are Mark, Bive, and Infected.

[2] Shows up at the second-to-last faux elevator, giving him a chance to die with the laser or speeding wall before she arrives at the real elevator.